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July 29, 2009

Are you a part of the conversation?

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My blogging break is over…

So I have been back out in the real world for a few months now and as the job search continues I have decided it is time once again for me to return to blogging. I was waiting for a good excuse to get the ball rolling once again and I found one…

As I scanned the headlines at I ran across  “69% Of Adults Don’t Know What Twitter Is” and I realized that this is a topic I need to write about since just a few months back I was quoting one of the great tips I have found since discovering logotwitteralmost one year ago.

Although I would love to say that this round is where I am going to jump right in, I feel the need to once again make sure that I mention what Twitter is. Plain and simple Twitter is the dumping ground for opinions and articles on a multitude of topics. Twitter limits the posts to 140 characters so that you aren’t reading hundreds of words to get to someone’s point, nor are you beating around the bush to get to yours.

Some of the topics that I have read, commented on and clicked to include Comic-Con news (yes, once a geek- always a geek) random thoughts from celebrities, breaking news stories, Twittascopes, (thanks to @kguerra4) and links about everything from PR to product reviews to pictures from people around the globe that include pets, friends, and even the view out the window.

So I know what you are thinking; of course 69% of adults don’t know about it, why would they?

Well since you asked, I’ll tell you…

They should know because Twitter is one more venue where the conversations are headed. I can’t say that 69% of adults care about being part of the conversation but I don’t need a study to know that if asked most people won’t opt out on their own.

Unfortunately, or fortunately in my case, I am not an unbiased source. I have a couple hundred followers and I average more than one comment each day since I signed up. It’s amazing how that sounds when I write it out, yet I am far from the most frequent to tweet about my day.

I learned a great lesson when I started working a sales job right after high school. We have two ears and one mouth so we listen twice as much as we talk.  That’s what I get out of Twitter and that is the opportunity I see for that 69%. You may not always want to be speaking your mind but you should be out there listening to what is on the minds of others. This allows us to be better informed when we decide to voice our side.

Twitter also gives us all of the same freedoms we employ when engaging in conversation in real life. You choose which posters you follow and whether or not that poster supports your causes and interests or is your biggest detractor. You choose what topics you want to learn more about or with a simple click you can never hear from that person again; if only it was that simple in everyday life.

So who am I listening to? See for yourself here.


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